Web App Conclusions

In this conclusion I will look at what I may do differently next time and what I think went well .

– I would get my own hosting instead of testing locally, as on several occasions it worked on my local machine but not on the server.  I think this may have been because of different php versions?  I am planning to get the free GitHub education package.

– Test the whole site more thoroughly sooner, as some of the issues we are experiencing are things that were working, but now have glitches (which we are still hoping to fix before we hand in our assignment).

– Both Chris and myself commented the code quite a lot which made it easier when looking at each others code.  This is definitely something I will continue to do.

–  I have leant a lot during this process and feel that if I were to make another site using PHP, HTML, CSS and MySQL, I would be much more confident.

– I found the PHP hardest to grasp in this process and have leant a lot by actually making a web app.

–  I found some aspects of the process quite gratifying, such as when I managed to complete the form with all the features working and when I was successful in creating the homes listed in the last month feature.


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