Overview of Almost Finished Web App

As we approach the deadline Chris and myself are franticly trying to work out some bugs in the site, the worst being the failed login message appearing on the wrong page, it sounds a simple fix but is proving elusive?

The main features our web app has are:-

– User Sign up
– User Login / Log out
– When not logged in the menu will have a sign up button
– When logged in the sign up button will change to an add property button, allowing the user access to the form.
– A form to add a property – In the form the user can input their property details and upload an image.  If a field is not filled in the form will not be submitted.
– In the menu the user can navigate to home, about us, help, our wiki and sign up / add property.
– The properties can be browsed on the index page without logging in.
– Properties can be sorted by location and new / old descending order.
– Their is a note of how many homes have been listed in the last month.
– Their are messages informing the user, such as successful / unsuccessful login, successful / unsuccessful form submission






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