Final Pre-Production Plan – Property Selling site

As previously mentioned we are going to develop a property selling web app.  We have discussed this in detail and have decided this is the best choice for us.. This decision was based on meeting the criteria of the brief and our current skill level.  I also liked the idea because once we have made the web app, time permitting we can be more adventurous with it by adding more complexity to the back-end.

Key information about the web app

  • Centralised MySQL database.
  • Created using HTML, PHP and CSS.
  • The site will be selling properties and targeted specifically at Bournemouth.
  • Users must sign up / log in to add a property to the site or to edit one of their current  property’s.
  • Users do not need to be logged in to view property’s.
  • There will be filtering options such as, area of Bournemouth, price, date added and number of beds.
  • There will also be sort options such as, most recent, lowest / highest price.
  • The site will be easy to navigate, by having an uncomplicated design.
  • On the results page the properties will be displayed in coloured boxes to aid simple
    viewing by separating them.
  • There will be the ability for the viewers to communicate with the sellers from within the site.

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