Change of Theme -Dating to Property

After discussing the dating site further we decided it was getting more and more complex regarding the back-end and ultimately to change to a less complex theme.  The decision was made as a team to change to a property selling site.

This decision was based on the following:

  • If we are going to change the theme, now is the time as we are not yet committed.
  • The team as a whole felt confident with the property site.
  • We may have been over reaching in back-end complexity for our first attempt?
  • The property site requires less tables which makes it less complex and simplify s linking them with PHP.
  • The property site relates more closely to what we have learnt so far.

Although this does mean we will be doing more work with regard to planning, I think this is part of working collaboratively and am pleased we are able to discuss and work things out as team.


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