Group Meeting 3

We had another group meeting today.

  • We all brought in our own wire frame designs for the web app, discussed them and started to design a wire frame to put into production, based on our combined thoughts and ideas.  We have put a lot of thought into the design so far in order to have a solid base to start with.
  • We also decided to incorporate our meet the team exercise into the about page of the web app.
  • The decision to make the dating web app more niche was also agreed upon, in order to refine our target audience.  It will now most likely be related to Bournemouth and students.
  • Based on my own research into current popular dating sites I suggested that it may be worth considering having a separate index page, this was received well but we will make a final decision in our next meeting.
  • We also discussed other decisions that need to be made, such as work that each of us will be assigned.
  • During the meeting we also started to create an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) by noting down all the data that would need to be put into the database and the relationship between the data, paying particular attention to items that would need to be in drop down menus, as they would need separate tables.
  • Decided make a wiki instead of a blog, but have it accessible from the site we create.

I believe that we are working well together, as we are all contributing, making time to meet up and prepared to compromise if necessary.


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