Meet the Team – Task

The meet the team task was to create a web page that was a bio for each of us.  I believe this was to help with introductions as much as get us started.  Chris was quick to instigate this and requested that myself and Charlotte write and email our pic and bio to him.  He was quick off the mark and created the page shown below.

Once he had shown me the page he created we discussed the format critically, looking at how we could improve upon it.  I made a few suggestions such as having the image at the top of the text, so you can see the person before reading about them, moving the text between the names and the bio’s, as it separated the names from the bio’s and having rounded edges on the boxes for a smoother look.  I also commented on how much I liked the colour scheme and how for a first attempt I was impressed.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 22.22.45 (2)


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