Participatory Culture

Participatory culture when referring to the internet could simply be described as web 2.0, it is a culture that has developed of contributing, participating and sharing.  There are many, many different types of sites that encourage this culture, such as Wikipedia and Facebook.  However participatory culture is not limited to just websites, it also encompasses open source software.  I was surprised by how much software I’ve used recently was open source, these include, Firefox, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Processing, Adobe Brackets, Filezilla and Git.  GNU/Linux is an open source software that interests me as it is an operating system made by users for users, which has led to a lot of different distros, made for different needs and it is free.  Different licensing has also come about with participatory culture, such as creative commons licences.  These allow people to protect their intellectual property while allowing others different levels of freedom to distribute or remix their work, rather than just stating it is copyrighted which is far more restricting.



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