Final Changes

I have now reassessed my design and the data I will use and decided to use a different set of data. The data I am going to use is the date meteorites were found and not the date they impacted with the earth. I am also simplifying my design.

Here is a list of changes and new ideas.

  • The timeline is now behind the lines, with the lines touching it and the date of each find shown. The dates are shown so the viewer does not have to work them out, helping with the simplicity.
  • The meteors scattered around the image have been removed because it took the focus away.
  • There was going to be a very large meteor placed close to the viewer, but this may look as if they were viewing the image from the meteor. So I will not be putting it in.
  • There were going to be sparkling stars in the black background but when I created some in illustrator I thought they would clutter the image, so have opted for a simpler starry effect. This will also help to create space around the image helping to portray some vulnerability of another impact.
  • There will no longer be lines intersecting the tails, as in order to simplify the poster I am now only showing location and time.
  • I have chosen to only have the three largest meteors found from each location and only around 5 locations as too many lines will ruin the athletics of the image and make it harder to read.  This also has the benefit of making it easier to have a smaller date range for the timeline.
  • The data I am now using is from I will be using the data from Northwest Africa, South Africa (Angola), Russia, Yemen and Lithuania.
  • I considered having each line a different colour but decided that one colour for each country would make it easier to read.

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