Initially my first choice was the sketch that used the tails that looked a little like the one in the image below from However upon giving it some more thought, this may not be the best choice as when I apply it to the meteor data it will not look as I would like, that is, nice smooth wavy tails demonstrating quantity over time by their length and mass by their thickness. This is because the scale will be so vast, which means the tails will be very very thick and very thin.

I have now decided to base my design on a variation of the very last sketch I did, where the earth has solid lines coming from it which are a uniform thickness, I will still use a timeline and still have the location shown by were the line ends.  As I want the earth to look like a meteor to make the image visually interesting I will make the lines wavy purely for effect, although they could be interpreted as the path each meteor took to earth.


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