I have now made some decisions about my poster. The first based on what I have done so far, is that I want my poster to focus more on being visually interesting in how it displays the data, rather than a more scientific clinical approach. To that end I have had a few brainstorming sessions and have made several sketches exploring different ideas I have had. I have also made the decision to use illustrator to create my poster.




I have also been considering some questions regarding my poster, such as who is it for and the tone of the message.  At this stage I think I would like the tone of the message to be that the earth is slightly vulnerability, which could be achieved by showing the earth in space, alone!  I considered aggressive, exciting, fear, reassuring or curiosity as the tone of the message, with perhaps large explosions but decided against it. With regard to who it is for I think I would like it to be aimed at adults but easy for children to understand. I have also considered hidden meanings in the poster such as a timeline that does not have an end or an arrow on the end of it connoting there is more to follow.


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