Since my last post I decided to research visual ways to represent data rather than focus on posters that displayed the type of data I am looking to display. I have also seen some examples in lectures that gave me inspiration.

I saw this image in a lecture and immediately thought of how I could use this type of wavy line varying in thickness and length coming from the earth to demonstrate the meteorite data and how visually it could look like the tail of a meteorite entering the earth’s atmosphere. I also like the creative use of the timeline.



This image came from and I found it interesting, as it is a simple but clever way of comparing large figures of money that are so big it is hard to imagine. I chose to include this image as it has occurred to me that if I choose to look at the mass of meteorites I will need some way of demonstrating this.

Based on the research I conducted I have decided to stick with the meteorite theme as I can now visualise potentially interesting visualisations of the data, but also because it was the one I was drawn to initially and would like to see what I can do with this theme. I have already done some research on how meteors approach the earth as I had an idea of having them arc in a certain way, but there seems to be no particular pattern.


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