Development and Realisation

This week I started a new unit called development and realisation.  The task we have been given is to create an A2 poster that visually communicates a theme that is based on data, without using excessive text.  It needs to be understood by others regardless of their culture or belief system, an example of this would be that not all cultures read from right to left.

Weve been given various options to choose from, however I am initially drawn to the theme “How many documented meteor impacts have there been”.  In which I will need to visually map the location and time of meteor impacts in a country or compare quantity and mass of meteors in several country’s.

I have included below some imagery related research  I did toward this theme, as the emphasis is not on the quality of the data .

I am currently deciding whether to pursue this theme as although these images are very good and do exactly what they were designed to do, I don’t want to create something that looks similar to them, so I will do some more research and see if I have some inspiration.  If not I will change my theme because I don’t want to waste too much time and end up rushing the image.


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