Animation – Outcome


My Stop Frame Animation3

My 12 Frame Praxinoscope (Stop-frame)


I found that while trying to create my animation with the Lego figure walking across the screen mentioned in my earlier post, I had problems with lighting.  I found that even though I tried using a desk lamp for more light and tried using a baking sheet as a diffuser,  I had very bad shadows and reflections.  My conclusion was that without  proper lighting it was not going to turn out anywhere close to what I wanted and being so dark would make potential editing of the images very difficult, so I opted for a simpler animation and although the lighting is not as good as I would like it is a better result overall.  I still feel that although my original idea did not pan out I have learnt some useful information that I can use in the future.  The animation above is also based on the cycle of time and was created by drawing a clock on a piece of paper, cutting out a black strip and moving both round the clock face shot by shot, it was then put together in Photoshop.  I used my Fujifilm S6800 to capture the images but unfortunately my tripod was not rigid enough and I did not have a remote to trigger the shots so was unable to avoid some movement, next time I will borrow a better tripod and/or camera with remote.   I have also researched lighting possibilities and am considering purchasing some cheap options I found on Ebay.  I have included an image below which demonstrates the lighting problem.


The praxinoscope turned out better than I thought it would, as I found it hard to draw, because it required looking at the previous image and gauging by eye where the next one should be, while trying to draw almost the exact same image, as opposed to being able to overlay the previous one when using software such as Photoshop or Flash.

For both of the animations above I photographed them, opened them in Photoshop and created an animation in the timeline, each image having its own layer.  I also adjusted the timing, 0.2 seconds for the first and 0.1 per interval for the praxinoscope.

The next time I make a stop frame animation I will ensure that I have the correct lighting planned in advance and will make a storyboard rather than just making some notes as I believe this will improve the results.  I would also like to collaborate with someone as another perspective would be beneficial.


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