Animation – Research

Here are some of the websites I found useful in my research:

This YouTube video was an excellent resource when researching how to make the Lego man move, as I was unsure as to how much movement there should be in each shot.  It also demonstrates different ways of doing it.

This YouTube video series is currently my favorite animation and I feel demonstrates just how effective a seemingly simple animation can be.  I am very impressed with how the characters seem to have personality.  What I have learnt from this animation is the importance of sound to polish the final product and how it is worth spending time to carefully choose what the characters look like, with less being more sometimes.

I also found this website of benefit as it has a top ten tips when creating a stop motion animation, such as testing the setup and not changing the lighting.  I found this source useful as there were things such as always trying to capture things with the camera, because if you do it on the with software it will be many frames to edit.


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