Temporal Expressions – Outcome

My Joiner Image



I took these images at the river stour with a Fujifilm finepix s6800 bridge camera. The day started off quite sunny but the lighting was continually changing due to cloud, which affected the images.  However I feel that it has added to the overall effect of the joiner and am very pleased with how it turned out.  I took shots to make a joiner at three locations along the river, taking what was probably far too many shots, as when it came to creating the joiner in Photoshop it took perhaps longer than it needed to.  That being said I struggled to create what I considered to be an acceptable joiner with the shots from the other two locations, so it was worth doing three times and having darker and lighter images to choose from.  I also found the tripod to be more of a hinderance than help due to needing to lift the camera up as I got closer to my feet, because when looking at the ground the camera was too close, creating a very zoomed in look, which for this joiner I did not want.  I also like the way the light and dark shades in the image draw your eye around the image and how the lighter shades at the bottom of the image add to it without taking focus away from the rest of the image which was my main focus.  The darker images such as the bushes in the background although being less detailed, I feel add depth to the image.

My joiner in Photoshop



My Long Exposure Shots





These images were taken at Hengistbury Head with a Panasonic Lumix TZ5 compact camera and tripod.  I also took some long exposure shots with the Fujifilm but the slowest shutter speed was 8 seconds, which was ok, but was not really what I was looking for.  I took shots that were 8, 15, 30 and 60 second shutter speeds but the images I chose to use are all 60 seconds.  During the process of taking long exposure shots I discovered the hard way that in order to get any image at all it needed to be almost completely dark and that if I wanted to take a shot during the day I needed an ND (neutral density) filter of probably about 10 stops for the sea, but unfortunately my camera is unable to use one.  I am very pleased with the images even though there is some burnout in the first two images, I particularly like the last image as the moonlight becomes so bright with the shutter open for so long in low light, with the waves breaking turning into a mist or fog.  I have included an image below of what the rocks in the last two images look like in a normal shot (1/105 sec).




Short Exposure Shots



The first two images are taken with the Fujifilm finepix camera set to 1/2000 of a second.  I decided in the interest of not breaking my camera that I would take these shots on a dry day and use a hose pipe.  The first image was the image I had in mind because it seems to stop time with the water droplets frozen there.  I was particularly happy with this shot as it captured the droplets in various stages of falling.  The second shot I included as it also seems to stop time but as it was not actually raining has a rainbow in the water. I also liked the framing with the leaves out of focus on the left.


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