Temporal Expressions

I have now decided how and where I would like to get the shots I would like to take.  In keeping with my water cycle theme I will use the river stour for the joiner image as there will be interesting scenery.  The long exposure shots will be at the beach at hengistbury head, as the waves rushing onto the beach and over the rocks should create a nice mist effect and for the long exposure shot, water dripping off of a roof in the garden, as this should create the effect of time stopping with the water droplets frozen in time.

Here are some websites I found useful while researching:

http://www.hockneypictures.com/works_photos.php – David Hockney is accredited with creating the joiner image in the 1980’s so this was my first point of call.  I thought that having a closer look at his work would be the best starting point and give some insight into the history of the joiner image.

http://joinerphotography.com/How%20to/1JHowTo.html – This site was very informative in regard to describing what a joiner image  is and how to create one.  I will definitely be using the information from this site when creating mine.  This website also suggest that when creating a joiner it is an exercise in how the eye and brain really see the world because the emphasis on things in the image changes.

http://thedelightsofseeing.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/cubism-joiners-and-multiple-viewpoint.html –  This site was useful as the images on it helped me to see that not all joiner images are created the same way.  Although the basic concept of the joiner is lots of photos joined together, how you choose to do it seems to be down to you.  I  realised that you can create something that resembles the original image or duplicate sections showing the image/subject from multiple view points.



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