Photo Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

Following on from the photo-alphabet, we have been given another photo task.  This task is to create a series of images with the theme “Cycle”.  The types of images I need to create are:

1. Joiner image in the style of David Hockney

2. Creative photo-image exploiting long exposure

3. photo image which exploits short exposure

After seeing some examples of the above in a lecture I decided the first thing I needed to do was to decide on a theme that related to “cycle”. I had various ideas including bicycle wheels, light, water, weather and seasons.  I have now chosen the water cycle as my theme because I was able to visualise the images I would take and also because themes like the seasons would not be realistic. The next thing I will do is to research how to make the images and finalize when, where and how I will get the images.


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