Completed Photo-Alphabet

Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve Photo-Alphabet

Alphabet14(Click Image to Enlarge)

This is my completed alphabet.  I am very pleased with the end result as I have achieved the diversity of images I was hoping for and managed to use shadows in one of the images.  I am particularly pleased with how the P demonstrates texture by not only being able to see the veins in the leaf, but the texture the P itself has, without this it would not be identifiable as a leaf because the shot is zoomed in too closely.  The X demonstrates use of colour with the cool blue sky and warm red X creating an image with impact which draws the viewer’s attention, I think the sun and shadows in the image are also quite effective.

I made two trips to Hengistbury Head to get all the photos I wanted and replaced several from the first trip with photos from the second because they were either a better fit with my theme or just a better shot overall.  I took a lot more photos than I thought I would, as it was hard to tell if they were framed as well as I wanted and also usable.  The camera I used was an Iphone 5 with lens attachments (fish eye, wide and micro) and turned out to be better quality than I anticipated.  The overriding theme was Hengistbury Head itself, so although not every image can be considered “nature” I feel that the theme is consistent.


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