Photo-Alphabet Task

Today we were given our first task for concept and ideation, this task is to create a photo alphabet poster.  The task involves looking outside to find naturally-occuring shapes which can be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet and to use Adobe Photoshop to put them into a poster, we also need to demonstrate our creative understanding of form, line, texture and colour.  Although we have the option of working in pairs I have decided to do this task on my own as I am keen to see what I can create on my own.

I started this task by doing some research on photo-alphabets and found some useful insight and ideas at, and  I found particularly useful as they offer a service where you type in your word and the site creates it from photos.  I then started thinking about a theme for my alphabet.  I came up with several plausible theme ideas, such as the beach, nature, trees, flowers and cars.  I have now decided that my theme will be Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve with a general focus on nature.  I chose this theme because I feel that I can get a good degree of diversity in the photos which should be more interesting to look at?  If possible I would also like to include a photo that makes use of shadows, as I was particularly impressed with a photo I saw that used a door handles shadow to make a D.

I will be posting the finished poster as soon as I have finished it.


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